Download Origami

How You Spend Your Day is How You Spend Your Life.

 To Ensure an Origami Day 

· Set aside 10 minutes to pause and plan. Grab a cup of tea or a seat in the sun. Embrace the moment.  

· List all set appointments, meetings, lunches or other commitments that will occur at a specific time. Be sure to set aside time for you! Schedule your gym session or lunch with a friend. 

· Fill in the gaps with tasks. Aim for 5 important items each day. Feel free to mix personal and professional so you have it all in one place. Pick what is most important to your goals and set yourself up for success. You got this! 

· Fold origami so you can easily view one day and the next. With your tomorrows planned, you can focus on today. Take it one day at a time, one item at a time.  

· Now you are ready for a week of productivity and peace. Be sure to cross items off and celebrate your accomplishments.