Origami Story

Samantha Lane

A little about our story...

Have you ever felt like your life was slipping away? You go through the motions of your day, then week, and before you know it a year has passed. Where did your time go? What have you been doing with your days? Did any of it really make you happy? It can be exhausting and defeating. I know because I have been there. I kept juggling tasks and commitments because I thought I had to. 

Then one day a health scare prompted the thought of what if today was my last day. Have I spent my time on what really matters? For me it was not emails, projects or laundry. It was ball games with my nephews, movies with my nieces, and dinners with my husband. Unfortunately, my priorities and my time were not aligned so I needed a change. The initial Origami Sheet started this change. 

The simple sheets were created to help me accomplish what I had to do so I could focus on what I wanted to do, and they worked. I used the system for over two years before I slowly began to share it with others. The peace and productivity that I was experiencing began to spread. The community of relief, clarity and living life was born.    

For many of us work is a necessity, but life is the priority. Join the shift to a day balanced with accomplishment and fulfillment. An Origami Day.  

Are you ready to bring balance to your busy life?

Origami Day exists to help you live your life through function-first time management products and simple tips. Join the community.